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White cement

The type of cement we sell is BL I 52.5, a highly pure cement both in its whiteness and composition.

This product has been widely accepted by mortar, terrazzo, precast and artificial stone manufacturers in recent years.

It is supplied in bulk or in 35kg bags to the whole national territory.

Grey cement

This cement is quite similar in its features to the white cement, in terms of purity and composition.

It is also supplied in bulk or in 35kg bags to the whole national territory.

Adhesive mortar


Murfor reinforcement frames are precast frameworks with two parallel wires connected by another one settled in zigzag. They are made of anti-corrosion protected wires of 20-30cm.

with a diameter of 4-6. This kind of reinforcement frame absorbs great flexion efforts, both horizontally and vertically and are perfect for lintels.

They are placed every three rows and add the steel of the wall by 0.05%, increasing its original strength hugely. They act as an edge metal beam in the edges. They have to be bent and filled up before being reinforced with a vertical framework.

Types and Quality


Thick: 4 or 5mm longitudinal wires, 4.75 or 5mm diagonal.

Length: 3.05m for all types (splicing lap: 20cm).

Steel: AEH 500T.

Quality and applications:

S – stainless steel, industrial environment or curtain wall.

E galvanized steel + epoxi, external wall.

Z galvanized steel, internal wall

Murfor Reinforcement Frames. Types and Usual Applications:

Murfor RND.4/E-80 for 11.5cm ACW.

Murfor RND.4/E-100 for 13.5cm ACW.

Murfor RND.4/S-30 for forged front and sunblind boxes.

Murfor RND.5/E-200 for 25cm DCW.

Murfor RND.5/E-250 for 30cm DCW.

With our ten years of experience we can assure an anti-cracks and stability efficient control, both in long and tall closings and in framework edges.



Our facilities and means of transport allow us to store all the materials to supply them in the right moment, avoiding the unnecessary accumulation of objects at the construction site, thus helping you maximize your space and control it.